Work Placement Opportunities

We welcome applications from companies and organisations interested in sponsoring one or more placement students, on an unpaid internship basis, for the February to May period each year.

Contact hugh.mccabe(at) for more details.

Host Talented Creative Digital Media Interns

The Creative Digital Media degree program equips students with a combination of technical, creative and career skills relevant to the Digital Media industry in Ireland. Our students excel in diverse digital media skills such as web design, digital video, digital audio, visual design, UX,  digital marketing and more.

As part of their third year of study, our students can undertake a work placement for 12 weeks from February to May. Students work four days per week at their placement during this period.

Contact hugh.mccabe(at) to find out more.

Why Become a Placement Sponsor?

  • Access to a future talent pipeline.
  • Fresh perspectives from skilled interns.
  • Previous interns have delivered exceptional value to leading digital companies in Dublin like Rothco, Publicis, and Webfactory.

Placement Host Responsibilities

  • A conducive work environment with relevant tasks.
  • A designated supervisor to guide the intern and coordinate with TU Dublin.
  • Permission for a TU Dublin representative to visit and evaluate the internship progress.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to regular working hours and perform assigned tasks.
    Maintain professional conduct and attend to their work diligently.
  • Report and reflect upon their work experience to TU Dublin for the purposes of assessment.

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