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We welcome live challenges, problems and professional projects provided by enterprise, civic organisations and startups.

Contribute real-world project ideas for our students

Collaboration is at the heart of the TU Dublin and and we value developing mutually beneficial relationships. The Creative Digital Media program is designed to cultivate industry-ready talent in various digital media disciplines. Partnering with the course as a live challenge sponsor offers a unique blend of benefits for businesses, civic organisations, and startups alike.

By sponsoring a live challenge or professional project, partners collaborate with a pool of skilled students, gaining brand visibility and access to fresh ideas, digital solutions and new perspectives.


Through live challenges and professional projects, students gain a hands-on learning experience that bridges the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills, along with guidance and mentorship from project sponsors.

What Type of Projects?

Our academic year is divided into two semesters: September to January and February to June. During these periods, we offer a variety of modules that can incorporate your live challenges into course design and assessments.

We’re actively seeking engaging project briefs from sponsors in areas like digital video, audio, UX, digital marketing, service design, graphic design, gaming, and immersive technologies.

What Makes a Good Project?

Project’s don’t need to be extremely detailed and can be vague in part. We encourage our students to work with clients in defining project briefs and scope by asking the right questions. If you have a very clear problem or challenge, you may want to specify this upfront and expand upon it during a student introductory session.

Outputs from student projects belong to the sponsor, but we ask that students be able to use the work in their portfolios if they wish. We are happy to sign NDAs if needed.

What Is a Project Sponsor’s Involvement?

Depending on the module and context, we’ll ask you to make yourself available during the course duration. For many modules, this typically entails an introductory workshop, mid-semester feedback, and a final presentation for most modules. In the case of our Year 3 Professional Project, students devote approximately 15 hours a week to the sponsored project, requiring more frequent interactions with the sponsor over the 12-week semester. These sessions can take place either in-person or online.

Submit a Student Challenge

Due to the volume of projects and challenges we receive, unfortunately, we can’t accommodate every project. Please complete the form below to submit a project or challenge and we will promptly contact you to discuss next steps.

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