Valerie Reilly

Souls Of The Sea

Souls of the Sea is a short documentary about two people sharing the reason why they swim in the Open Water and their personal connections to the Irish Sea. It features a Dutch woman who grew up in Alkmaar, Netherlands, who always spent her summers at the beach and found peace and relaxation in the open water who later then moved to Ireland; and an Irish man who grew up in Arklow, Co. Wicklow who as a child used to be frightened by the sea and later conquers that fear and develops a deeper connection with the Irish Water. The two had the common interest of wild swimming and their love for the water brought them closer together and they are now 35 years happily married.

Entirely filmed by creator Valerie Reilly on a Canon 77D with Tamron 18mm-400mm lens, Canon 55mm lens, GoPro Hero9, Dji Mavic Mini Drone. Filmed in High Rock, Middle Rock and Low Rock, Portmarnock.

About Valerie

About Valerie

My interests include film making, video production, videography and photography. I attended work experience with Animo TV which was unfortunately cut short due to Covid-19 but it was enough experience to make me realise that I want to pursue a career in the TV and Film industry. In my spare time I like to do some photography and videography. I have volunteered to create promo videos for a few organisations to grow my experience. I also love to paint and spend time with my friends and family.


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