Sahachai Ruamthong

Food Waste

An animation about food waste and solutions to solve the problems.

Food waste is a global issue that creates significant environmental, economic, social and ethical problems. The purpose of this project is to educate the viewers about food waste and solutions to reduce these issues through animation. Food waste can be reduced throughout the food-chain. We all need to take part in the shared vision that this ambitious goal can be achieved. The key message is Reduce Reuse Rethink.

About Sahachai

About Sahachai

My name is Sahachai Ruamthong. I am passionate about all aspects of the filming process and my main interest is post-production. I’ve completed many projects involving filmmaking but never really animation. So, I decided to do animation as I think it is my weak point when it comes to drawing digitally and it is something new that I’ve never really got into. In my leisure time, I like to cook and food is a big influence on me, and that why I chose food waste as the theme of this project.

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