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A New Leash On Life: Inside Dundalk Dog Rescue

A New Leash On Life is a documentary that focuses on the importance animal rescues have and why people need to be more aware of them. The film features the founder of Dundalk Dog Rescue, a volunteer at the rescue, a dog currently in care and a dog that was recently adopted from the rescue. Dog Rescues take in and re-home abandoned dogs or dogs that cannot be cared for by their previous owners. They are vital as otherwise many dogs will be put to sleep with no opportunity for a second chance at life – these rescues give them that chance.

About Ryan

About Ryan

I am a Creative Digital Media graduate with aspirations for a career in video production which is what I have enjoyed most during my time as a student in the course. Outside of the course, I have many different interests and hobbies. These hobbies and interests include playing video games, listening to music, watching sports, running/sprinting, reading books and the very occasional writing of short stories.


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