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Reasons To Dance

This project “Reasons to Dance “ strives to highlight and evoke a discussion on the detrimental demise of the Irish club scene over the past number of years. This documentary endeavours to illuminate how the heart of dublin club life has been turned into a concrete jungle of hotels forcing the closure of at least three main clubs in Dublin.

Night clubs provide a safe environment for people to immerse themselves in the culture of music and dance. They provide a cultural space for emerging artists and allow people to express themselves through dance and music. Due to high rents, licencing laws and the lure of capitalism that the hotel industry offers, Dublin’s dance scene has been compared to that of a third world country (Sharpe 2018) and is not in line with our European counterparts (Barry, 2018) . Paradoxically , these large scale closures have lent themselves well to the opening of more diverse multi-usage venues i.e The Complex). However, they are being forced to the outskirts of Dublin removing the heart-beat from the centre of the city.

About Rebecca

About Rebecca

Rebecca Stephens is a Creative Digital Media 2021 graduate with a passion for film and documentary making. Her love for music and club culture has been the inspiration for many of her projects over the last number of years. Rebecca has a keen interest in art and graphic design and completed her work experience designing graphics and branding for a music events company and would like to pursue this in the future.


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