Nicole Goodman


An immersive art installation exploring surveillance technology.

’Chained’ is an audiovisual immersive art installation exploring surveillance technology. With the introduction of surveillance, capitalism models online such as cookies and targeted advertisements, our data is being taken and sold whenever we go online. ‘Chained’ explores the notion that we ourselves and our data are chained to the algorithm when we use the internet, with no escape.

In the moving visuals, we follow a narrative of someone throughout their day and get a visualisation of the data that is collected on them in one day. Accompanying visual panels show alarming imagery of surveillance capitalism online. A soundscape of an eerie nature helps to create an atmosphere within the installation that is one of a spine-chilling nature.

About Nicole

About Nicole

Nicole Goodman is a 2021 graduate of Creative Digital Media. Nicole is a creative individual with a passion for design especially graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and web design. She has past experience working in both the web design and graphic design industries. Nicole is interesting in pursuing a career in graphic design and web design. In her spare time, Nicole can be found to be reading, painting or sketching.


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