Nathan Ellis

Rogue Abyss

Rogue Abyss is an experimental short film that is a hybrid of both full motion and still image. The story is centred around Nullus, a person who struggles with the pressures of modern-day life. All they feel now is apathy and self-loathing. One night they are transported to an eerie, yet familiar place called the Abyss and encounter strange people. Nullus must try to survive, reflect on their life, and overcome their greatest obstacle yet… themself!

About Nathan

About Nathan

Hi, my name is Nathan Ellis. I am a Creative Digital Media student finishing in May 2023. My passions are filmmaking, editing and storytelling. During my time in TU Dublin, I specialised in learning these skills as well as obtaining a solid grounding in graphic design. My passions were the reasons why I created a short film for my final year project. I wanted to utilize film to create a story that people would relate to and that would also test my skills. I am keenly interested in working in industries where skills like filmmaking and editing would be needed.


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