Leah Byrne

Am I Deaf Enough?

A documentary following a personal battle with deafness and the journey to acceptance.

A documentary following a personal battle with deafness and the journey to acceptanceWhen the word deaf does not resonate with any part of you, and you refuse to let it define you, how can one accept the disability they are faced with? Having hearing difficulties since a young age gave me a lifetime to accept my altered way of life, yet the fear and shame I associated with my disability prevented me from embracing it. Why am I scared to be deaf and why do I look at myself with shame? 

Refusing to look at my deafness as a positive, I stopped myself from joining the Deaf Community. Feeling like I do not belong on either side, the hearing side, or the deaf side. On a thin line between the two, I ask myself, am I deaf enough? What is the positive I have been looking for?

About Leah

About Leah

Over my years of producing films and video pieces, I’ve gained a greater understanding of what is needed to produce high-quality, professional and inspiring work. I pride myself on my work ethic and drive to better myself in the work I produce. Through my time working with Publicis and Matthieu Chardon, I have gained immeasurable knowledge of professionalism and standard.

This is what I will bring forward with me when creating this documentary, I aim to portray a personal story with deeper more thoughtful questions brought to its forefront to leave with the audience.


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