Krzysztof Lancucki

Ivan’s Campaign

A 2D Role playing, adventure game based on Slavic Folklore.

Ivan’s Campaign is a 2D role-playing, adventure game in which you play as Ivan, a warrior whose home has been destroyed by an evil entity.

This game was created using Unity Engine, Photoshop and After Effects to create an art-heavy visual environment that has a lively and spacious feel to it despite being a 2D game.

Ivan embarks on a journey to save his home and family. On his way, he makes unlikely allies and came across many foes. The game is set in a settlement, forgotten by time in Pre-Christian Eastern Europe. Players will explore the themes and characters which were widely featured in old Slavic stories. The players will have to make their way across forests and caves, searching for clues, solving puzzles and fighting their way to eventually reach their goal and save the kingdom.

About Krzysztof

About Krzysztof

Krzysztof Lancucki is a 2020 graduate of the Creative Digital Media degree at Technological University Dublin. His interests include Graphic Design, Game Design, UX/UI Design, Storytelling, Character and Environment Design.

He created a number of personal projects and partook in numerous freelance opportunities. He has some insight into the industry after his work experience and is passionate about working on projects that allow him to use his skills as an artist and a designer.


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