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Fundent: Making Money Easier for Students

Fundent is an educational programme which was created with the aim of helping students who are struggling financially to manage their money and organise their budget. It does this by giving them financial tips and tricks to plan for their future ahead and to make better financial decisions. The approach used for the project was to create short form content consisting of TikTok videos, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, Pinterest pins and Facebook reels. By utilising short form content, the tips and tricks can be explained in simple terms in order to increase financial literacy. There are also short written blogs on the Fundent website where students can read about the financial tips and tricks, learn more about Fundent and easily access all of Fundent’s social media accounts.

About Justin

About Justin

Justin Flood is a graduate of Creative Digital Media at TU Dublin Blanchardstown and lives in Leixlip, Country Kildare. His main areas of interest are photography, graphic design, videography and UX Design. Justin loves playing video games in his spare time, hanging around with friends and family and watching movies.


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