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Pip and Friends

Pip (Pupils Internet Protection ) and Friends is an exciting card game designed to educate primary school pupils about the importance of internet safety. The game features an engaging board that players can move around to win. The cards include 4 categories – Social Media Safety, Gaming Safety, Cyberbullying, and Online Security – with multiple choice questions and scenarios related to each category. Players will race against the clock of 30 seconds to answer questions and navigate the board, while learning important concepts such as protecting personal information, avoiding strangers, identifying safe websites, and dealing with cyberbullying situations. With its interactive gameplay, thrilling timer, and educational content, our internet safety card game is a fun and effective way to teach kids critical thinking skills and promote safe online practices. Parents and teachers will find this game to be a valuable tool in educating children about internet safety while having fun!

About Jade

About Jade

Jade Halpin, a 23-year-old Creative Digital Media graduate, has developed a deep passion for graphic design and digital marketing during her 4 years at TU Dublin. Her enthusiasm, positivity, and bubbly personality make her a dynamic team player who is always eager to explore new opportunities. Jade aspires to pursue a career in either digital marketing or graphic design, utilising her creativity and expertise to achieve impactful results. With her vibrant personality and collaborative approach, Jade is poised to make a meaningful contribution to the industry, bringing her unique perspective and skillset to every project she takes on.


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