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This project is a series of leaflets which have been designed for a museum exhibition, the five leaflets each displaying unique and wonderful face masks under different themes. These leaflets have been designed in a way that they too, become an artefact of material culture while they are on display. The leaflets aim to show people the rich history in the world of masks and also how they are being used in our society today, while also being visually impactful with their bright and post modern art inspired design.

There is an accompanying Instagram campaign as this project aims to engage a younger audience, also known as the ‘Instagram generation’ through the world of social media and eye catching bright colours. Within this campaign we get a look at the abstract masks that have been designed specifically to coincide with the leaflets.

About Eva

About Eva

Eva is a 2021 Creative Digital Media graduate who has loved her four years of studying and discovering different aspects of this sector she enjoys most. She is most passionate about all things design, such as graphic, web and motion graphics. She has gained experience in the work force assisting on design projects for music festivals and club nights. In her spare time,  Eva loves to go for walks with her dog and spending time on her roller skates with her friends. Eva would love to peruse a career in graphic design in the near future.


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