Eoin O’Reilly


A short film looking at friendship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isolated is a short film based on the Covid 19 pandemic, focusing on two friends, Eoin and Ellie, who are separated due to quarantine. The pair speak online everyday keeping each other company. Eoin is currently studying and dealing with the problems that face online education. The film portraits his life through the lens of his computer’s camera. Eoin is getting use to the mundane boring life of being stuck inside until he is struck with a life changing event he must deal with alone.

The film tackles issues such as isolation, depression, loneliness and suicide. Isolated is created to show the life of a college student during Covid 19 and is inspired by Covid Éire, a short film created in 2020 by Michael Keane.

About Eoin

About Eoin

My name is Eoin O’Reilly, I am 22 years old. My hobbies include film making, editing, coding and storytelling. From a young age I’ve always been highly interested in film, creating short videos and editing them for YouTube. I decided after secondary school I wanted to pursue my passion for all things media, so I took on the Creative Digital Media course at TU Blanchardstown and am proud to say I am in my final year. I have grown fond of so many aspects of the CDM course and plan to continue using all the skills I’ve developed after my time in TU Blanchardstown.


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