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LOGH is a short feature film, consisting of a story arc based on forgiveness and doing what’s right to benefit the good. We join the main character Mick at a difficult moment in time – tired of all the wrong around him and all that has happened – when he sees an opportunity to do good for a close friend that has travelled the same road that Mick went down with the destruction of his family, moral values and grieving.

In order for Mick to do this, we explore what drastic actions he takes, discover his past and how he deals with it all at once in the moment of doing a good deed. We see the stakes, and overall, what people dealing with these disadvantages are willing to do for the betterment of their loved ones.

About David

About David

David Jervis is a TU Dublin graduate of Creative Digital Media. His primary interests are film-making, film production and editing. David has enjoyed and appreciated what a lot of his modules have taught and shared with him as he extends his skills and prepares for his next chapter. David is extremely thankful for the opportunity to find what he truly wants to do and is looking forward to being part of many projects in the future.


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