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Burning Out

Burning Out is a short film exploring how burnout can take over someone’s life, especially while they are in a vulnerable state of mind. The film begins with the central character Graham experiencing a tragedy which shakes up his whole world and forces him to begin overworking himself. As the story progresses Graham begins to display the numerous signs of chronic burnout – depressive episodes, lack of basic self care, denial of issues, feelings of emptiness and changes in personality and mood. We also encounter Graham’s friends Darragh and Shane, and get to experience the events from their perspective, as they watch their friend become a husk of his former self.

The main theme of the film is that burnout is both a mental and a physical health condition and the aim is to create some awareness of the signs that someone may be experiencing burnout or is on the verge of it. Through the background research done for the film I have found out that prevention is significantly easier than recovery. The end goal of the film is to highlight the dangers of burnout and show how to recognise when it’s happening to friends and loved ones.

Conor Burke

Conor Burke

Conor Burke is a Creative Digital Media graduate and aspiring film director. He is also the owner of Burke Creative Media where he offers clients photo, video production and editing services. Conor has done a wide variety of client work including business promotional content, event photography and videography, fitness photoshoots and video shoots, as well as accepting jobs he has no idea how to carry out. He nevertheless always ensures that the job will get done and be done well. He can generally be found either behind his camera or laptop with an energy drink in hand, shooting, preparing for a shoot or editing his most recent work.


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