Ciáran Dowling

Looking for the Positives

My project is called “Looking for the Positives”. It is an interactive website for users coping with stress and struggles they may have in difficult times. Users can scroll down through multiple sections with features used to provide an interactive experience that allows users to be engaged with the website. Clicking on a button in a section of the website for example provides users with information and tips about some negative effects on mental health they may be dealing with and information about how to make positive changes in their lives.

As a student studying 4th year at home and not being on campus for the last year during covid, the story behind this project relates to some negative effects on our mental health that myself and other students may have gone through. I hope this website can help and inspire others to make positive changes in their daily lives.

About Ciarán

About Ciarán

Ciarán is 2021 Graduate of Creative Digital Media at TU Dublin. His interests include graphic design and web design. He previously did a project for Enable Ireland as part of the professional project course in 3rd year. Ciarán is interested in pursuing a career in graphic/web design in the future. In his spare time, Ciarán loves to watch movies and football.


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