Anthony McElearney

Pets and Us

A short documentary highlighting the benefits pet animals have on our health.


For thousands of years pets have been harnessed to humans. Pets are kept for company, for security, as a means of getting more exercise and to help with mental health issues amongst countless other beneficial reasons. I wanted to delve deeper into why people love pets so much and the reasonings behind it.

This short documentary looks at the relationship between pet animals and humans showcasing the many benefits that pets can have on our mental and physical health. The documentary focuses on several different cases from young teenagers to the elderly, bringing to light their stories and experiences with their pets. 

About Anthony

About Anthony

Anthony is a 2021 graduate of Creative Digital Media. His interests include filmmaking, post-production work, digital marketing and graphic design. From studying over the past four years, he is now eager to pursue a career in the media industry. In his spare time he enjoys playing with his dogs, creating content and drinking lots of coffee.

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