Creative Digital Media Degree

TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus

BA Honours (4 Year) | BA Ordinary (3 Year)

Study Options

TU Dublin Blanchardstown campus offers two Creative Digital Media degree study options; a 3-year ordinary degree (NFQ Level 7) and a 4-year honours degree (NFQ Level 8).

The first three years of both options are the same course (the same modules, course content, academic team and students).   Read more about each option on the TU Dublin Website:

Facilities & Equipment

With state-of-the-art Mac labs, production studios, and digital media hardware, you’ll gain first-hand experience with cutting-edge industry tools and techniques. During your studies, you will have access to a wide range of industry-standard production equipment. 

Work Placement

There’s an optional 12-week work placement in Year 3, Semester 2. Each year students are placed with some of Ireland’s leading creative agencies and production houses, gaining incredible first-hand insights into the professional practice of some of the best creative talent in the country.

Academic Team

Our academic team is rich in industry and creative experience and have supervised a wide range of award-winning student projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creative Digital Media?

Creative Digital Media is an interdisciplinary field that combines digital technology, design, and creative skills to produce interactive and engaging content across different media platforms. It involves the creation of digital media products like websites, games, videos, animations, mobile apps, podcasts, social media content, documentaries and short films.

What are the admission requirements?


TU Dublin Blanchardstown campus offers two Creative Digital Media degree study options; a 3-year ordinary degree (NFQ Level 7) and a 4-year honours degree (NFQ Level 8). Read about admission requirements for both options on the TU Dublin website:



What kind of jobs can I get with a Creative Digital Media degree?

A Creative Digital Media degree can lead to a variety of exciting career opportunities, including roles in TV & film, broadcasting, UX, interaction design, web design, product design, mobile app development, social media marketing, video production, game design, visual design, and animation.

What kind of support is available for students at TU Dublin Blanchardstown?

TU Dublin Blanchardstown offers a range of support services for students, including academic support, career guidance, counseling and disability support. The campus also has a student health center, sports facilities, and clubs and societies for students to get involved in.

How will I be assessed?


Assessment methods vary depending on the specific module, but typically, students are assessed through project work and continual assessment coursework. Coursework assessments can include project work, essays, reports, presentations, and practical assignments.

Assessment criteria may focus on technical skills, creativity, problem-solving ability, communication, and collaboration skills. Students are typically expected to demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency, creative flair, and originality in their work, as well as the ability to work effectively both independently and in teams.

Do I need prior experience or specific skills?


The courses is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the field, regardless of prior experience. An interest in digital media and creative design is advisable, and students should be willing to put in the time and effort required to develop their skills and knowledge through practical assignments and independent study.

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