Creative Digital Media Work Experience

The Creative Digital Media degree at the TU Dublin Blanchardstown campus is designed to equip students with a good combination of technical and creative skills relevant to the Digital Media industry in Ireland. Our students would have strong competencies in areas such as Web Design and Development, Visual Design, Digital Video Production, Audio, Photography and Interactive Multimedia Development.

As part of their third year of study, our students can undertake a work placement during the second semester. This placement is normally of 12 weeks duration, commencing at the start of February, and finishing at the beginning of May. The students are required to work four days per week at their placement during this period. The placement programme has been running since 2010 and over that period our students have completed successful placements with many of Dublin’s leading digital media companies and agencies including Rothco, Publicis, Webfactory, Irish International and Graphic Mint, to name but a few.

We are always looking for companies and organisations that are working in the area of digital media and who might be interested in taking on one or more students, on an unpaid internship basis, for the February to May period each year. If you are interested in this please get in touch.

The placement company or organisation will be required to:

  • provide a suitable work environment for the student and assign them appropriate duties and tasks
  • nominate a work placement supervisor who will supervise the students’ work, act as a point of contact with TU Dublin, and provide feedback on the students’ performance in order to assist with assessment
  • allow a representative from TU Dublin to visit on at least one occasion during the placement in order to monitor the progress of the student and consult with the work placement supervisor

The student will be required to:

  • attend the place of work for the normal working hours and carry out all duties assigned to them by the work placement supervisor (or his/her nominated representative(s)
  • conduct themselves in a professional manner within the workplace and attend to their work diligently
  • report and reflect upon their work experience to TU Dublin for the purposes of assessment

All enquiries regarding work placement should be directed to:

Hugh McCabe
TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus, Dublin 15
Tel: +353 1 8851089
Email: hugh.mccabe(at)