Creative Rhythm

By Sandra Lorres Torres

“For my final year project, which was titled Creative Rhythm, I filmed a series of interviews with artists, and throughout the piece different visual styles are used to express different feelings in the creative process.”

“For each of these I used four cameras to film from four different angles. The idea behind this, was allow a means of accessing the body language and facial expressions of the artist, as we might learn as much from these subconscious non-verbal means of communication as we might from their words. These interviews are the basis of the project and also inspired the order and manner in which its other visual elements would be presented.

As well as filmed interviews and accompanying audio the piece is interwoven with other visual moving imagery that is designed to complement, and potentially elaborate upon, the content of the interviews. This largely consists of filmed footage, photography and digitally manipulated imagery, and employs a range of techniques including slow motion, time-lapse photography, digital compositing and animation.”

CDM Year 4 Best in Show Award 2014 | Sandra Lorres Torres on Behance