Niamh Smith

Ireland’s Call

A radio documentary on working through a global pandemic from the perspective of student nurses



On the 27th of March 2020 Ireland changed forever. Our world as we knew it stopped. Uncertainty, fear and confusion took hold of the nation and forever changed us as a society. Doctors, nurses and health care staff began the long fight for peoples lives. In this radio documentary, student nurses tell their stories of working through a global pandemic, the affects it had on them mentally, physically and emotionally, their personal lives, and also discuss their relations with the Governmet. We hear their highs and lows of working as a student nurse. The purpose of this radio documentary is to spread awareness to the wider public about the lack of support for student nurses and the impacts of the pandemic has had on these unseen heroes. They deserve to have their voice heard and it is my hope that this documentary allows for this to happen. 

About Niamh

Niamh Smith is a graduate of Creative Digital Media at Technological University Dublin.  Her main interests are in post production, photography, videography, audio production and UX Design. Niamh has some previous experience working in post production and was once hired as a wedding photographer. Niamh is interested in pursuing a career in the creative industry and looks forward to seeing where life takes her after these four years of study.