Heart of the Home

An immersive web experience



Heart of the Home is an immersive 360º web experience. The user is welcomed into the houses of different generations of Irish women and is invited to explore their homes through a virtual tour. The user can maneuver through their houses and is able to experience the lives of these women through sentimental objects which hold significant meaning for them. Upon clicking an icon, a video is displayed to the user, in which the women recant stories regarding the objects and the significance which they hold. Through watching these videos, the user is invited into the lives of these women.

The purpose of this project is to bring focus to the lives of Irish women and how this has changed throughout different generations. The stories of these women are vitally important to document because, even though it may not be apparent presently, the stories of these women are important aspects of our intangible national heritage. 

Shauna McPhelim

Shauna is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media from TUDublin. Her interests include graphic design, digital marketing, and branding. From her experience working with the TUDublin marketing team, she is eager to get out in the marketing and branding industry. In her spare time, Shauna likes to paint, hike with her dogs, and drink an absurd amount of iced coffee.