An interactive game based on Japanese mythology



‘Sheido is an 3D interactive adventure/puzzle game created with Unity3D. Players will explore the legendary island of ‘Gensui’, embarking on a quest of discovery that will uncover the ultimate fate of its lost inhabitants. Players will come to understand the customs of ‘Gensuis’ tribes and uncover their relationship with their spiritual Goddess ‘Sheido’.The player must interact with ancient artefacts to solve puzzles in order to further traverse the legendary Island. The adventure allows the player to explore all aspects of ‘Gensui’, from the tranquil waves of its calm waterfronts to the dizzying heights of its sprawling cliff-sides. The depths of ‘Gensui’ hold many secrets, though perhaps some truths are best left forgotten, to simply pass by us like a mysterious island on the vast horizon.

Shane Egan

Shane is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media. His interests include 3-D modelling, videography, game development and screenwriting. His creative pursuits have seen him produce a plethora of unique projects, ranging from interactive video game experiences to thematically rich short films. With a wealth of technical experience and an undying passion for storytelling, Shane continues to share unique narrative experiences and will continue to do so long into the future.