Lesser Gods

An Augmented Reality (AR) tabletop Board Game based on Ancient Greek Mythology



The Earth has fallen into a freezing Winter. Persephone – Greek Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, must be returned to Earth so that nature can bloom, and life on Earth can thrive once more. A group of lesser Greek Gods are tasked with granting Persephone safe passage. Working both as a team and as rivals, these Gods face a variety of monsters and challenges they must overcome on their perilous journey through the Greek Underworld.
Augmented Reality (AR) allows players to view the board and journey map in 3D, as well as providing the opportunity to be strategic in their approach to the game. See the Underworld come to life, and watch as your interactions with the board reveal each new encounter. With an uncertain path ahead and with rival Gods adding chaos to your journey, the world of Greek mythology is full of mystery, mayhem, and madness.

Nedra Cullen-O’Brien

Nedra is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media. Passionate about visual storytelling, her interests include animation, film, 3D modelling, illustration and game development. She has significant work experience in promotional visual communication and graphic design. Nedra is interested in pursuing a career in visual design, games development, and film. Nedra enjoys creating short animated videos and digital art.