A Virtual Reality (VR) game about working. Or not working



Finally, you too can experience the rush of office life in this “simulation” style “video game”! Every child’s dream, brought to life through the magic of Virtual Reality!

As the latest intern joining the proud team at our 57/58 branch, your role will be pivotal in ensuring that- What? No, no music allowed, don’t go getting distracted. You’ve got an 8-hour shift ahead of you, and we aren’t paying you a cup of coffee per day to NOT copy-paste things into spreadsheets.

Luc Carroll

Luc is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media. His interests include game development, film making and writing in the third person. He has some previous experience working in photography, but otherwise still does not really know what he would like to do when he is older. It gnaws away at him from the inside.