The Game

A philosophical 3D hologram arcade installation



‘The Game’ is a philosophical 3D Hologram arcade installation that uses a homemade acrylic trapezoid hologram projector. It features a collection of different old school mini games inspired from the 80’s / 90’s as well as some interactive visuals. Each mini game and visual symbolize and represent a specific philosophy or concept for the player to interpret. While the installation itself represents escapism some other philosophies and concepts within it include determinism, entropy, existentialism, interactionism, nihilism, stoicism and capitalism. The overall aim of ‘The Game’ is to allow the player an opportunity to reflect upon their own personal philosophy through an engaging and interactive way.

Lisa Fallon

Lisa is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media. Her interests include film, animation, graphic design and game development. She has significant previous work experience in graphic design. Lisa is interested in pursuing a career and gaining more experience in the Creative Digital Media industry. In her spare time, Lisa likes to draw, read and study film and languages.