Piled Up

An animation about the impacts of the fast fashion industry



What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is considered to be the rapid production of clothing using low quality materials that is sold in huge quantities, inexpensively, across the globe. Consequently, the fast fashion industry is considered to be the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, causing air and water pollution as well as the massive build up of unwanted clothes throughout the years in landfill sites. The impacts of these types of pollution damages our environment, greatly affecting the living organisms that live in our planet Earth. Needless to say, pollution is not the only negative outcome of this ever-growing industry. Employees working in these factories get paid little to nothing for the hard work that they endure which has caused them to live in extreme poverty. Therefore, the purpose of this animation is to communicate the negative impacts of fast fashion to all consumers which will spread awareness about the main problems of the industry in order to make consumers more aware of their actions.

Juel Erick Unto

Juel Erick Unto is a graduate of Creative Digital Media. His main interests are in web and graphic design, and illustration. I have worked in many college projects being highly involved in the design process. In my spare time I draw and create vector assets for fun and drink a lot coffee during the entire process.