Paudie the Pug

An animated series raising awareness of the suffering caused by puppy farms



This short three-part animated series follows the story of Paudie the pug.  Paudie’s life begins at a puppy farm where he lives in dreadful conditions and suffers from neglect.  Next, we see Paudie’s adoption by a family who are unaware that he is from a puppy farm.  In the last video we watch as Paudie’s health deteriorates and he eventually dies.  His death is a result of the conditions he was born in to.  The videos will be shared on which is an online platform, ran by vets, where anyone can source a happy and healthy pet with peace of mind they are from an approved breeder or rescue centre.  Shorter versions of the videos will be shared across social media as part of an online campaign by PetBond.  The campaign hopes to raise awareness of puppy farms in Ireland and educate people on why ensuring their pet is not coming from a puppy farm is so important for the welfare of animals.

Elaine Carroll

Elaine Carroll returned to education after six years having previously completed a course in Dundalk IT.  The six years were spent travelling and working customer service roles, but Elaine always felt she needed to do something creative.  Joining the Creative Digital Media course at TU Dublin was the best decision and now she cannot wait to pursue a career in the creative industry.  Elaine’s areas of interest include UX Design, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Animation and Video Editing.