Through Dark Places

A documentary uncovering the community spirit of the Irish hardcore scene



Following a head injury received at a hardcore gig in Dublin in 2019, this documentary tells Evan Murphys story as he recovers, makes new friends, and finds acceptance in a new place. Through a mixture of observational and live footage this documentary attempts to give viewers an inside look into one of the smallest underground subcultures in Ireland, and how it came together following an injury sustained at one of their shows. This documentary talks about mental health, subculture, and the human desire to find somewhere to call home.

Daniel Sharkey

Daniel is a 2020 graduate from Creative Digital Media. His interests include filmmaking, graphic design, music composition and editing. Daniel has made a small number of short films and documentaries and had previously worked as an intern in Clear Designs Ltd. He is very interested in a career in video production or graphic design, and he is currently working on another documentary along with some freelance graphic design projects. Daniel also loves making music and has scored for a few of his films along with releasing his own music in his spare time.