What Would You Believe?

Debunking the most well known Conspiracy Theories through Animation



My Project is called “What Would You Believe?”. It is an animation based project about the weird world of Conspiracy Theories. Looking into three of the most well known theories, the animations try to prove the truth by debunking the stories you will read in the newspapers. Using a phone camera, the animations will pop up in place of the pictures on the newspaper to show you the reasons why the conspiracy theories are most likely wrong. I have a great interest in conspiracy theories and love to debunk them so I thought this would be a fun and easy way for others to do it too.

Ciara Ryan

Ciara is a 2020 Graduate of Creative Digital Media. Her interests include graphic design, animation and typography. She has previously done some freelance work for a professional project during third year. Ciara is interested in pursuing a career in graphic design in the future. In her spare time Ciara likes to draw and create fun images.