Same but Different

A personal journey through dyslexia


Same But DIfferent is a documentary, created with both video and animation, that is based on people’s personal journeys dealing with Dyslexia. It is an educational piece that presents both the teacher’s and student’s point of views. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that is extremely common but not really talked about much in today’s society. I created this piece to hopefully educate people a bit more about dyslexia and also understand what it’s like for people who deal with it every day.

Anna Brennan

Anna is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media here in TUD Blanchardstown. Her interests include UX design, Graphic design and film. She has had significant previous work experience in Irish Life doing digital marketing, social media and UX design. Anna is hoping to pursue a career in UX design. In her spare time she likes to create content, play sports and just be creative in different forms.