Bal Ground BCU

The story of the Bird Control Unit

This documentary takes the viewer behind the scenes of the Bird Control Unit (BCU), a specialised unit of the military unknown to most, used to deter birds away from an airfield where they pose significant dangers to aircraft. Never before captured, this documentary provides exclusive access to Ireland’s very own Military Air Corp. Spread over 750 acres and accommodating over 20,000 flights per year, there is no room for error. Including interviews with pilots, air traffic controllers and falconers, complemented with both new and archival footage, this piece follows the stories of those working in the BCU day in, day out, highlighting the importance of this work, and the detrimental threats the wildlife can pose to an aircraft.

Andrew Mitham

Andrew Mitham is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media. His interests include videography, editing and content creation. Andrew is looking to pursue a career in video production in the future. He has previous work experience working as a video producer for the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). He is currently working as a freelance video producer for a number of companies in various industries, including recipe videos and electrical engineer training.