A 3D, multiple choice, interactive, narrative game surrounding the theme of moral dilemmas



‘Dilemma’ is a 3D, multiple choice, interactive narrative surrounding the theme of moral predicaments, experienced through the format of a game. Exploring issues such as peer pressure, relationships and the consequences of actions, it encourages players to use creative conflict resolution rather than the all too familiar combat-mechanics used in games. The story follows Spencer, a teenager who finds herself feeling quite isolated by the distancing of her childhood best friend, Riley. This separation is largely due to Riley’s new friend group who are somewhat notorious for their tainted reputation. In an attempt to re-establish their friendship, Spencer agrees to accompany Riley on a night out with these new friends. As expected, things don’t go quite to plan. Spencer finds herself in a dangerous situation that requires her to make a difficult decision that will undoubtedly have severe consequences for all those involved. Their fate is in your hands.

Alexandra Shanahan

Alex Shanahan is a 2020 graduate of the Creative Digital Media degree at Technological University Dublin. Her interests include graphic design, 3D modelling, photography, filmography, UI/UX design, storytelling and sound design.

She has gained a significant amount of work experience in the field of graphic design and videography through various internships over the past several years. She is passionate about working on projects that make an important impact and allow her to put her skills towards a good cause.