Just Keep Going

A documentary reflecting on a teenage girl’s difficult journey to overcome adversity

Just Keep Going is a documentary about an inspiring teenage girl, named Moya Gilligan, who has gone through quite the battle in her 17 years of life. Moya’s journey to overcome adversity begins with her sharing her spiralling medical problems – firstly on operation on her hip, then the contraction of MRSA, which led to the discovery of scoliosis. To some, these setbacks in life could hold you back. But for Moya, her positive outlook on life gave her the strength and determination to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro at the age of 15. Moya’s piece of motivation for everyone is that “if you set your mind to something, you can do anything”.

Áine O’Donnell

Áine is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media. Her interests include documentary filmmaking, video production and editing. She spent 4 months with Animo TV working on RTE’s programme “The Great House Revival”, during the course of her work placement. Áine is interested in pursuing a career in television production or social media.