Paradigm Shift

A Virtual Reality Puzzle Game


Paradigm Shift is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience that challenges the rooted psychology aspect of the user’s basic instincts using fear as a catalyst.

Created using Unity & the Oculus Integration kit, the core idea of Paradigm Shift is to challenge the player’s instincts and adaptability to a new environment by having them complete a puzzle while the environment around them changes over time.

In Paradigm Shift, the Player finds themselves a prisoner within a futuristic prison with the sole purpose of collecting Energy Cubes to escape their captivity. Every level the player interacts with has it’s own unique puzzle which the player must solve & overcome to unlock the Energy Cubes hidden within.

Put on a headset & experience a brand new world in Paradigm Shift.

Adam McCoy

Adam is a 2020 graduate of Creative Digital Media. Adam’s interests include Storytelling, User Experience/User Interface Design, Coding, Game Development & VR Development. He has significant experience in Website Creation & Upkeeping, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Advertisement, Videography, Photography, Graphic & Brand Design, Event Organising and Leadership gained during his time working for Fingal County Council.
Adam is interested in pursuing a career in UI/UX Design which can be seen during in the development of his Final Year Project – Paradigm Shift.