CDM End of Year Show 2012

The Creative Digital Media course at ITB welcomed our very first group of honours graduates in the summer of 2012. To celebrate, fourth year students exhibited their final year projects along with the creative works from students of all stages on the course on the 29th and 30th May. Well done to all our recent fourth year students on the completion and presentation of their impressive projects. Congratulations also to fourth year student Dean McMenamin, who was recognised with an award for his academic excellence throughout the course, and Monika Dinna, who was presented with the Best in Show award.

Olivia Ricci from first year, John Hyland from second year, and third year student Luan Vickery were also recognised for their academic excellence, along with the Headsup Movie Award winners, CSLK media (a.k.a. Stephen Allen, Ciaran Lowry, Kevin McGuiness and Luke Byrne), and the Wee Adventure Film Awards winning team Through The Roots (Sam Crawford, Graham Smithers, Aaron McGrath). Congrats to all students involved for putting on such a fantastic show.