About the Creative Digital Media Degree Programme

If you want to open up a range of career opportunities in creative industries like web design, gaming, social media, film and marketing, this is the course for you. Creative digital media is the industry of the future, and has been accorded a ‘high priority’ status by the Irish government with huge job potential for all graduates. This dynamic and exciting course will supply all the practical, creative and technical skills you need to succeed in the digital society and economy.

Prospective students should have an interest in how technology can be applied in creative and interesting ways. By concentrating on digital creativity, and mixing theory with practical work, the course prepares you for success in the creative digital industry. Working together with like-minded people you will discover how to unlock your own creativity and learn how to tap into your own store of ideas for developing projects.

BA (Honours) in Creative Digital Media (TU981)

BA (Ordinary) in Creative Digital Media (TU796)